I took a “Burnout Break”, but it took a month before I feel 100% again. Here’s how to recover from it.

1. Acknowledge Your Burn Out

There was a point in time when I was just staring blankly at the computer screen, yet I felt like I was keeping my head above water — as if any more of what I was doing can easily make me drown. I continued to work under that condition until I developed physical reactions (Eczema flare-ups, Shortness of breath, etc.). That was when I told myself, enough is enough, YOU NEED A BREAK.

Please acknowledge your burnout as soon…

It’s more than the number of people you lead.

“Two Women Looking at the Code” by @divinetechygirl

I worry about code maintainability now

When I was newer to the field, I was all about creating new features which work. As long as it worked, I was ecstatic, and I was proud of calling those features “my babies”. Today, I still get excited about building features for sure, but I build them envisioning I would be the poor soul maintaining this feature — and hence I try my best to make the code malleable enough to be able to accommodate changes in the future.

I embrace more than one solution and discussing which one made the most sense

As programmers, we solve problems in our day-to-day job, and guess…

AEM User Permissions Configuration Mistakes I made so you don’t have to

Image by Glen Hodson

I remember the first user permission story I had to complete — Design and Implement User Permission Matrix. My task, in a nutshell, was to create user groups, organize user groups, assign permissions as well as create users. It sounded straight forward until I started work and found myself spending way more time than I expected myself to take.

Two Different Interfaces To Configure User Permissions

There’s the Classic UI View and the Touch UI View. The latter was only introduced in late 2019.

I was feeling guilty for not writing yet I was too overwhelmed from my full-time job. My other half then told me something enlightening.

Photo by Corinne on Unsplash

The conversation went something like this.

Me: It’s 2 AM. I am tired, but I really think I should write. I am so lucky that people are paying me for the articles that I write.

Him: Why not rest? You are already so tired.

Me: But I am getting paid for this… so I should put in the effort as a writer

Him: I know where you’re coming from, but do you remember that you did…

Yay or nay? And maybe a little food for thought

Google Chrome’s Hiding of Full URL

There has been a glaring change in my Chrome browser lately (Yes I read online that it’s not really new but I had not experienced this until now) — I can no longer see the website’s full address once I scroll away after typing the URL. https://uxplanet.org/my-favorite-design-systems-as-of-2020-bf2a8a162bf9 shows up as “uxplanet.org” on my browser’s address bar.

Let’s Find Out Why Google Is Doing This

According to a design document that Chromium Software Engineer, Livvie Lin, has published, there may be a negative impact on users’ security decision-making by showing the full URL because “Showing the full URL may…

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Selecting Multiple Elements to Apply the Same CSS

.random-class__content1, .random-class__content2, .random-class__content3

I used to write n separate CSS classes, but guess what? This selector can be applied to multiple classes as long as you state these CSS classes and join them using commas.

Selecting the Direct Descendent of an Element

.random-class__content > a

There are cases when you just want to apply CSS to all anchor tags that are within a particular class, instead of targeting all anchor tags.

This is often confused with the following:

.random-class__content .a

But they are different.

The selector #random-container > ul will only target the uls that are a direct descendant of the div with an id of…

Thanks to the WFH situation, I found out that the skillset from a highly stigmatized job is more transferrable than you think (even for a vastly different profession)

Image by Ellaby on Unsplash

Don’t Be Tunnel Visioned

She sees the value in forming long term prospects, even if she may not be able to close the deal now or in the near future. She understands that if she is to be there for the prospect now while other insurance agents may brush them aside because of the prospect’s inability to commit presently, he/she will be inclined to work with her in the future when they can eventually afford it.

And why I love each of them in detail, as a Developer and a Design Enthusiast

Design System Illustration from UxMisfit

Before we jump into the Design Systems, what, exactly, is a Design System?

The definition varies a bit throughout the net but it is essentially a collection of guidelines and reusable components, that provides a single source of reference to teams to design, realise and build products.

Who are the primary users of a Design System?

The two main groups of users who are supposed to use this extensively are the designers and the developers, who have significantly different roles and needs.

A designer cares about graphic and interface features such as colour schemes, spacing and component interaction details. …

Everyone talks about how we will kickstart our lives in excitement but they don’t talk enough about the dark thoughts post-graduation.

Photo by Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash

Nobody told us that we will have high expectations for our degree.

Inner Dialogue: We achieved this degree after working hard and paying a good sum for four years — we deserve better.

But Instead We Say: I hope I get a decent job.

Nobody told us that we would be subconsciously comparing ourselves with our peers.

Inner Dialogue: How can I be better? Why am I not as successful as X or Y? I should be happy for them, why am I… envious?

But Instead We Say: Congratulations!

Nobody told us that we will overthink every decision, big or small, because we are now an adult.

Inner Dialogue: I don’t feel like starting work immediately. But what will a future employer…

It can be hard to navigate through lines of code and keep your sanity.

Photo by ThisisEngineering On Unsplash

There are many cases where you need to read others' code — maybe you are new to a job and you are handed over a codebase to digest before you get started. Maybe you are supposed to debug a component that was not developed by yourself. Maybe you are to add on a new feature to the current implementation.

You attempt to understand the code but you feel overwhelmed and intimidated.

Who’s to blame you because you are stepping into the mindspace of someone else?


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I bring designs to life through code.

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