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Selecting Multiple Elements to Apply the Same CSS

.random-class__content1, .random-class__content2, .random-class__content3

I used to write n separate CSS classes, but guess what? This selector can be applied to multiple classes as long as you state these CSS classes and join them using commas.

Selecting the Direct Descendent of an Element

.random-class__content > a

There are cases when you just want to apply CSS to all…

And why I love each of them in detail, as a Developer and a Design Enthusiast

Design System Illustration from UxMisfit

Before we jump into the Design Systems, what, exactly, is a Design System?

The definition varies a bit throughout the net but it is essentially a collection of guidelines and reusable components, that provides a single source of reference to teams to design, realise and build products.

Who are the primary users of a Design System?

Everyone talks about how we will kickstart our lives in excitement but they don’t talk enough about the dark thoughts post-graduation.

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Nobody told us that we will have high expectations for our degree.

Inner Dialogue: We achieved this degree after working hard and paying a good sum for four years — we deserve better.

But Instead We Say: I hope I get…

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